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A Day in the Life at MDPC

So this is my first blog ever and figured I'd share what I do as a DPC family physician. I get to office daily between 6:30 and 6:45am to see my first patient at 7am. Glad I do open early, since the other day I had a patient who just walked in complaining of back pain while working in his yard. Love the fact that he was comfortable to come in without needing to call and that I was there for him. I was able to exam him, and take care of his immediate problem and catch up on other issues he wanted to discuss. In my last practice, in the fee for service world, this would have been impossible. I can truly say that I once again love being a physician and enjoy getting to know my patients and know that they feel comfortable sharing their concerns with me.

I had another patient this morning call with concerns of flank pain who I was able to see right away. She and her husband were appreciative of getting in right away instead of next week or the week after for an immediate concern, something patient's are so used to in today's fee for service practice setting. Later on in the morning, I was able to contact a patient regarding his labs which I received and instructed him to proceed to the ER due to worsening kidney function. Here's the beauty of what I do - I was able to notify his nephrologist, discuss his care with the ER physician, and speak with his wife and son to reassure them that I will be watching over his care and keep them informed.

I was able to manage care of a couple of patients via text and telephone, something they both appreciated. I'm glad my patients feel comfortable in knowing that if they ask me a question by text or email, they'll get a response back ASAP. Patients realize the time saved in their care since quite a few medical concerns can be taken care of without the patient coming into the clinic. So why does this happen in the fee for service world? Simply because when a patient comes into the office, they can get billed, and have to take time out of their day to see a physician.

Love being a Direct Primary Care Physician. More tomorrow.

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