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The Practice

At Magnus Direct Primary Care, the patient comes first.  The clinic is located between downtown Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach, with easy access to major roads and highways. 


The office is dedicated to providing personalized care in a stress-free environment.  Let's face it, going to a physician's office can be stressful, especially when you are already stressed. The experience in a clinical setting shouldn't have to be intimidating or stressful.  

Dr. Dhanji provides a safe, comfortable and caring environment for his patients. 

We believe in being available when others aren’t. We minimize wait times and do our best to offer same-day appointments, when possible. 


Direct Primary Care offers numerous benefits to patients. Peronsalized care is possible since the number or patients in the practice is limited to 25% of the national average seen by primary care physicians in the insurance fee for service practices. 

DPC not only provides cost-effective office visits, but did you know most in-office procedures and in-office labs are included in the monthly service fee.  Additionally, cost savings continue with discounted medications as well as labs and diagnostic tests. 

Office visits

30 to 60 minutes office visits where you will never feel rushed, whether you're coming in for an acute visit or chronic medical management. 

Doctor and Patient

Non-traditional visits

  • Telehealth / Virtual visits

  • Home visits / House Calls / Nursing home visits (additional fee)

  • Text messaging

  • Email

Physical Exams

  • Annual preventive care exams with EKG. 

  • Discount on traditional labs and diagnostic tests

Annual Check-up

Medication Dispensary

Discounted medications that beat prescription discount cards and insurance copays. (COMING SOON) 


One time registration:  $140

18-64 y/o: $100/month
>65y/o: $90/month

House calls / Nursing Home Visits: $85 per visit
(Limited to 10 miles from practice location)

In-office labs and diagnostic tests included.

Outside labs and diagnostic tests not included in above monthly medical service fee.

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