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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a way of providing health care to patients without all the middlemen deciding what physicians can and can not do for patients.  DPC emphasizes the importance of the patient - physician relationship.  For a nominal fee all your in-office care is provided at your convenience. No copays for visits and multiple visits for a monthly service fee. 

What is your new patient procedure?

All patients pay an initial registration fee and an initial month fee.  Thereafter, your credit card will be charged the monthly membership fee

I don’t have my insurance card with me, can I still receive treatment?

No insurance? No problem.  Just sign up for medical services and your in office care is covered. 

Although, we recommend having health insurance for any services requiring labs, diagnostic tests, ER visits, or Specialist referrals. 

For example, if you have Medicare, and you need to see a specialist or need labs ordered, your insurance (Medicare) will provide coverage. 

I can't afford insurance, can I still see you and get care?

Although it is recommended to have insurance for major medical / catastrophic care, you do not need to have insurance to get care at Magnus Direct Primary Care.  You will need to pay the one-time $140 initial registration fee, and age-appropriate monthly service fee. 

I have Medicare, can I still see you?

If you have Medicare, your monthly medical service fee is $90 per month.  You still have an initial $140 one time registration fee.  Your monthly medical service fee grants you anytime access to see Dr. Dhanji in the office, via phone, or even via an online virtual visit.  Your Medicare coverage can be used for referrals to specialists, ordering labs and diagnostic tests, as well as paying for medications through your Part D coverage. 

How much will my copayment be?

Copay? What copay?  As a patient of Magnus Direct Primary Care, your in office care is covered by your monthly service fee.  You can be seen as often as you want, for whatever health care issue you need to have addressed. 

Are Procedures Covered?

Yes. Any in-office procedure, such as EKGs, joint injections, B12 injections, skin tag removal, etc. are covered in your monthly service fee.  No additional copays or feels. Skin biopsies are also at no additional cost, however the patient is responsible for any lab fees incurred for biopsy specimens (payable directly to the laboratory. . 

Did you say discounted medications? (coming soon)

We are permitted to to carry limited supply of medications at wholesale cost, and pass along the savings to you.  Imagine needing a common medication such as your blood pressure medication, but don't have time to go to the pharmacy.  You can pay a discounted price and leave the office with your medication. 

Will you have access to hospital records if I get admitted?

In a word yes. 

Baptist Hospital System and Mayo Clinic send me notifications when my patient's are seen in the ER or admitted and again when discharged.  Other than that, medical records can be received after completing a medical request form in the office to send out to the medical facility.  

I will have access to your medical records by completing a request for medical information.

Will you have access to my old records from my last physician?

If you were previously seen in a Baptist Facility or at Mayo Clinic, your medical records will be available electronically after obtaining your permission. 

If your last physician was not part of either system, you can complete a request of medical records from our office which we will fax out to obtain records.

Will you be able to manage my care if I'm admitted to the hospital?

I will not be able to directly manage your hospital care, however I am able to directly communicate with the hospitalist or specialists, and nursing staff managing your care, and keep you up to date after reviewing your plan of care. 

Do you see children?

The practice does not see patients under the age of 18 years old.  

We can recommend a pediatric practice if you'd prefer. 

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